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Bias is bullocks.
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                                 ORIGINAL CHARACTER MEME

OC Variety    : Nephilim
Real Name     : Tommy Hill (Milligan by Adoption)
Pseudonym   :
Heritage         : Angel / human
Age                  : 4
Diet                 : Scraps (Omnivorous)
Gender           : Male
Orientation   : Unknown
Clothing         : Whatever would fit
Body Shape   : humanoid
Height            : 3’ 10”
Weight           : 63lbs 1oz
Hair                 : Dark blonde, unkempt, shortish                                                          
Skin                 : Pale peach
Eyes                 : Mid blue
Skills / Gifts    : Wings in later life (pre-pubescent)
Family             : Michael/ Adam & Wicca

Bio                    : Born to a bewitched Adam / Michael by means of a spell, cast to make Michael ‘dormant’, though still with his powers flowing through his vessel, Tommy was raised as a pet or tool might have been, an unpleasant life for the youngster until he was found during the 2015 Christmas Nephilim search.
                                 ORIGINAL CHARACTER MEME

OC Variety    : Nephilim
Real Name     : Rosemary ‘Rosie’ Potts Winchester
Pseudonym   :
Heritage         : Human / Angel
Age                  : 2
Diet                 : Omnivore
Gender           : Female
Orientation   : unknown
Clothing         : Whatever was around that fit.  
Body Shape   : Humanoid.
Height            : 2’ 10 ½ ”
Weight           : 39lbs 7oz.
Hair                 :  Wavy, mid brown, long.
Skin                 : Pale.
Eyes                 : Honey gold.
Skills / Gifts    : Wings in later life (pre-pubescent).
Family             : Aziraphale and prostitute.

Bio                    : Born to a prostitute and Aziraphale, Rosie was neglected until found during the Christmas 2015 search for Nephilim, when, with her mum deceased and her father in Hell for eternity, Sam and Gabriel adopt her and rear her as their own.
                                 ORIGINAL CHARACTER MEME

OC Variety    : Nephilim
Real Name     : Sarah Monroe
Pseudonym   :
Heritage         : Human / Angel
Age                  : 3 ½ years
Diet                 : Omnivore
Gender           : Female
Orientation   : unknown
Clothing         : dungarees and hoodie with sneakers.
Body Shape   : Humanoid.
Height            : 3’ 1 ½ ”  
Weight           : 57lbs
Hair                 :  Long Curly Black
Skin                 : Pale Tan
Eyes                 : Brilliant Blue
Skills / Gifts    : Wings in later life (pre-pubescent)
Family             : Castiel (as Emmanuel) & his wife.

Bio                    : Born to ‘Emmanuel’ and Daphne, her pregnancy discovered just after Cas left her to re-join team free will, leaving Castiel unaware of her creation, and therefore having nothing to do with her birth or early childhood.
                                 ORIGINAL CHARACTER MEME

OC Variety    : Nephilim
Real Name     : Robert Silverton
Pseudonym   : Boba Fett
Heritage         : Human / Angel
Age                  : 13 months
Diet                 : Omnivore
Gender           : Male
Orientation   : unknown
Clothing         : Jeans, Jumper & Sneakers.  
Body Shape   : Humanoid.
Height            : 2’ 1”
Weight           : 39lbs 1 ½ oz.
Hair                 :  Very short dark brown.
Skin                 : Pale tan.
Eyes                 : Dark green.
Skills / Gifts    : Wings in later life (pre-pubescent).
Family             : Gadreel & Barmaid his vessel worked with.

Bio                    : Unknowingly parented by Gadreel, soon after his fall from Heaven, his child reared in secret, nicknamed ‘Boba Fett’ when his mother married a Mr Fett, and happily turned the child to Gadreel once he had been identified as Nephilim.
                                 ORIGINAL CHARACTER MEME

OC Variety    : Nephilim
Real Name     : Millie Barton
Pseudonym   :
Heritage         : Human / Angel
Age                  :
Diet                 : Omnivore
Gender           : Female
Orientation   : unknown
Clothing         : Skirts, dresses, blouses, sweaters, tights, shoes (all cutesy).  
Body Shape   : Humanoid.
Height            : 2’ 11”
Weight           : 56lbs 5oz.
Hair                 :  Wavy, collar length ash blonde.
Skin                 : Peachy.
Eyes                 : Leafy green.
Skills / Gifts    : Wings in later life (pre-pubescent).
Family             : Zachariah & Mary Winchester.

Bio                    : Born to Zachariah and the spirit of Mary Winchester, Millie, descended to earth as soon as she was born. Located during the Christmas 2015 search for Nephilim, she was placed with her father, and half siblings, for rearing.
1. You must post the rules.

2. Each person must say 5 things about themselves in their journal.

3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer.

4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.

stuff about me...
  1. I am 11 days post op.
  2. I have almost all my Christmas gifts bought and wrapped - for a change.
  3. I have a daughter that is a raving Xmas psycho this year.
  4. I am currently 15 chapters of who knows how many of a multi-crossover fic for Kat.
  5. I had to buy a new computer - my other being fucked by a friend and a brother.
  1. Do you have any questions?
I think I do.
  1. ...Hobbies?
Many, mostly writing, sewing, baking and playing with the rabbits and dwarf hamsters I got for my birthday.
  1. ... ...what do you think about philosophy?
It's a deep subject.


1. You must include the rules in your journal.
2. List five random things about yourself.
3. Answer questions the tagger asked you.
4. Choose five people to tag in your journal and ask them five questions.

Five things about me :

1. I really like Supernatural - Sam is THE best.
2. I am currently listening to a Christmas playlist on Spotify - I'm mishaleckisway.
3. I got two baby male rabbits (Castiel and Gabriel) and two dwarf female hamsters (Bobby and Jo) for my birthday in September.
4. I also received a variety of candies and toiletries. 
5. I made pickle and mincemeat for Christmas last month, between hospital trips.


Questions for you :

1. Suggest 3 bands you think I won't have heard and three songs by each so I have some new music to listen to :D (Big Grin)(Isn't a question but oh well)

Kiss my ass.

2. If I was an animal, what would I be ? (Based on what you know about me)

A kooky kitten.

3. Who are your favourite band members and which bands are they from ?

Mikey Way, formerly MCR, and a select few others.

4. Have you seen the video for 'Weighted.' By Frnkiero andthe Cellabration ? (If not I suggest you do, it's hilariously disturbing XD)

Niet, mein datter.

5. Choose three of your dA friends, list them below and compliment them on something :D (Big Grin)

Far too many to list, and unwilling to leave any out and insult them doing so.


TAGS !!!

:iconlittleblackmariah: :iconkilljoywarrior: :iconhomochao: :iconred-wolf-26: :iconwheresyour-heart: :iconkobrakid12: :iconangel-eyed-vengeance: :iconrobinharrison: :iconbubblypunkkat: :iconnightstorm77:

My Questions:-

1) What is your favorite time of year?

2) What's your most loved / loathed Christmas song and why?

3) Who is your ultimate hero, real or fictional, and why?

4) How long, approximately, since we talked?

5) If we were together for a couple of days, what would you like to do with me?
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Christmas playlist on Spotify
  • Reading: The Screen
  • Watching: YOU
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Yogi Tea - choco


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
40 something house wife & mum of 3. I've lived within a 5 mile radius my whole life. Married @ 21, eldest born @ 22. Husband diabetic & galactoseamic, myself epileptic & heart problems. LIFE IS FUUUNNNNN!

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I love Mikey Way stamp. by Denorii
:thumb287501490: It's A MCR Thing Stamp by HuMMiNG-FLi i like MCR stamp by cherry-babe94 Ray Toro - Stamp by evilrikku MCR headbang stamp by TheDragonofDoom :thumb306358516: My Chemical Romance I by darkdisciple-stamps My Chemical Romance 1 by MorbidPirate-Stamps Helena Stamp by Fandias :thumb186679644: Jet Star Stamp by Ashqtara I love Mikey Way stamp. by Denorii My Chemical Romance Stamp by DEMONlC Outta The Closet Stamp by itz-Cindyrella BLOOD stamp by lock-and-loadx RAY STAMP for howilovemcr by lock-and-loadx my stampful romance by Erroin13 Suicide Cult My Ass by Electrohurtz would you? by Cloza ::Contest Prize:: Metamorph Support by littleblackmariah MCR saves lives by Cloza Be The Change You Want To See by littleblackmariah dA Family Love by littleblackmariah :thumb350091190:Mikey Way Adoptable by littleblackmariah Mikey Way Adoptable by littleblackmariah



Art trades:-
For those that don't know, an art trade, or exchange, is exactly what it says on the tin. You ask for what you want me to make, and offer to make something that you do well in exchange, or trade. Once agreed upon, trade is complete when both items have been uploaded and dedicated to the other partner in the trade. No personal contact is needed at all. Check out my gallery to see what I do, then, if you're interested, leave me a message, and we'll see if we can deal.

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