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Next morning, well, LATE next morning, Kat and Adam arrived at the Hub in good spirits, they’d really relaxed as they explored the city and gotten to know one another’s feelings about their siblings too. More at peace than either had been in a long time, they were smiling gently as they entered through the ‘Tourist Information’ office.

Eyebrows twitched and eyes rolled as the team of five adults took in the new closeness of the two youths in their midst. The youngsters just grinned at one another and ignored them. While they were all enjoying some of Ianto’s excellent coffee, another alert went off, sending chills down Kat’s spine – for some reason, this particular alert was triggering a feeling of impending doom in her.

After gathering all available data on the nature of the incursion, off they went, armed to the teeth and pumped for action. Unfortunately, despite all preparation, they didn’t have what they needed. What they needed – a Byzantian pan-dimensional flame shield – wasn’t available on Earth, nor anywhere else nearby. Dread washed over Kat as she saw the red energy beams leaping from the end of the fingers of the alien android, its emotionless gaze revolving about it as its head swivelled on its column like neck.

Looking on with horror-stricken eyes, Kat, with Adam and the Torchwood crew alongside, watched as the ten foot tall metallic droid lay waste to swathes of the city, fiery destruction following its blood red beams, screams of agony and fear fleeing before it. Kat made a rapid plea for any of the listening Host to come, please, assist in whatever way they could. Inias and Samandriel appeared, took one look and summoned Michael, before going to the aid of whoever seemed most in need of healing and safety.

Michael, who knew at a glance what the metallic monster was and where it came from, also knowing what was needed to shield against it and defeat its beastly heat ray. Michael, leaving and returning in mere moments – but long enough for more than a dozen innocent bystanders to be killed and countless more injured, not to mention thousands of pounds worth of damage done to the buildings and property in the area.

Once the Android was out of commission, Michael, Samandriel, and Inias, after a little coaxing and some outright corrupting from the Apostle, helped Jack and co get the hulking remains of its smoking shell into the cavernous depths of the deepest part of Torchwoods archives. With a weary sigh, the Torchwood team started to gather what information they could on it. Kat, with a wry grin at Adam, had it assessed, analysed, and documented in less than two hours.

Jack gave her and Adam the rest of the afternoon off, which the Angels, on hearing about, converted into a Gaelic supernatural research and seek. The particular creature they wanted her to learn about this particular time was the Banshee. According to lore, Banshee’s are an Irish, a creature that, if heard screaming, foretells of the death of the hearer. Kat was hesitant about it – such creatures came from Ireland, this was Wales for one, but they were near neighbours, as countries go, so she reluctantly began, Adam sometimes helping, more often distracting her from her studies.

It was three weeks later, on a rather unremarkable Thursday afternoon that Gabriel came to see her. He’d been scanning her feelings with increasing concern for a while and had come to the conclusion that something was increasingly wrong with the young Apostle. She smiled tiredly at him when he popped up from behind the computer where she was, again, uploading data on some of the seemingly endless backlog of artefacts about.

Gabriel took one look at Kat, and snapped. His wrath flaring, he bellowed – in a voice just shy of Earth-shaking – for Jack, Michael, and Lucifer – in fact everyone on the chain and off it that was involved with Kat – to gather immediately. A nervous crowd assembled, wondering what was winding Gabriel up so much. Yes he had a reputation as a trickster and for bringing about ‘just desserts’ on those he deemed necessary, but no-one knew what had him riled this time. They were not in the dark for long.

No sooner had the last being sat down then Gabriel began his rant. ”Look at our Apostle, you idiots. Go on, take a good look. Does she look healthy to you? Or is the poor kiddo tired beyond bearing and generally run-down and unwell looking? Think you that if this Apostle gets worn to a frazzle or killed that there’ll be another come along? I promise you in our Father’s name that it isn’t so, there is only one, there will only EVER be one, and this is how you treat her? Do you honestly think that means that, being one of Gods main humans is enough to mean she needs no sleep? No adequate nutrients or relaxation time? Shame on you all. This girl, this gentle, innocent child, has been pulled into the madness of this Universe against her will, and has thus far gone along with it with more graciousness than most people twice her age would have shown. Now you WILL be more considerate of her needs and wants, or you’ll not have an Apostle to train to save us anyhow. Are we clear?”

Adam, eyes downcast and biting his lip nervously, peered up at Gabriel from under lowered lids. ”Gabriel, I…..” Gabe interrupted him with a somewhat gentler smile and said more softly ”It’s alright Adam. Kat and I both know that you do your very best to ensure she rests adequately, would that everyone gave her the same consideration you do. Calm down. I don’t blame you. It’s the rest of them that need to get their heads out of their arses.”

Owen looked up from examining Kat, a worried look on his face. ”Gabriel, it may be worse than you think. It doesn’t look like just tiredness and malnutrition – she may be ill – I mean like anaemic, or possibly worse. I think I need to get her the med bay and take a proper look – Yes Adam, you can come too, make sure I don’t behave improperly to your little mate.” Adam gave one resentful look at the snide medic and took Kat’s hand, guiding her worriedly towards the indicated area.

Gabriel and Michael went along as well, to make sure if there was anything wrong, it was dealt with as speedily as humanly possible. In the half hour it took for the examination to take place, the rest had heatedly talked of what it would mean if anything was seriously wrong with the Apostle, and what could be done about the training schedule that seemed to be placing so much strain on the young lady’s systems.

When the five returned, the Apostle looked, if anything, even worse than when they’d left, pallid and lacklustre, she seemed withdrawn and almost …… apathetic, as though she’d little or no interest in the fact that she was the one whose health was under discussion. Adam was supporting her more closely, and Gabriel snapped his fingers, turning her seat into a reclining chair. Michael was tight lipped and looked apprehensive, they grew quiet, awaiting word on the health of the only hope of the world. Owen spoke.

”Kat’s body is undergoing massive changes, on a cellular level – changes the like have never been witnessed before. Changing to support her phenomenal new abilities and vastly, rapidly, expanding intellect. Her low BMI score means that Kat had few, if any, reserves to fall back on to begin with, those she did have are long since gone, used up in the incredible alterations to her body’s systems that have already taken place. Because she had no knowledge of these changes, or the vast need for many more nutrients and much more energy than she ever needed to consume before, and because no-one else – including me, a damned Doctor – not thinking of checking her health, these needs have been over-looked, meaning that Kat is now well on her way to severe malnutrition. With this in mind, and due to the un-natural conditions in the depths of the Hub’s archive vaults where she’s been spending so much time of late, I’ve recommended cutting back on the amount of time she spends down there – two days a week, when there’s nothing happening for her to work on with us – and much more time out in the fresh air. Adam has undertaken to improve the diets of them both – Adam also is beginning to show signs of ill-health – and I’m charged, thanks Michael, with a weekly check up on Kat – to include blood work ups and height and weight checks. The rest of you need to ease off on pressuring her to solve or resolve all your spats and problems – start to act like the adults and Angels you’re SUPPOSED to be.”

Silence reigned for all of five minutes, each of the gathered crowd taking in what had been said – before the first of a shower of comments and questions poured in. Voices from all corners of the room called out, in no particular order, nor waiting for one to be answered before the next was raised. It sounded like a kindergarten school on the first day of a new term. Kat murmured to Adam, who motioned to Michael, asking for quiet. Michael’s thunderous voice silenced the rest.

Adam spoke for Kat, after listening to her whispered instructions for a few moments. ”Kat has asked me to say that, while she will still help all she can, and learn what she must as fast as she can, now that these issues have come to a head, she’s sure you’ll all, Angels, Humans, Hunters, Alien Tekkies and all, give her the time she needs to adjust to this new diet and exercise regime. We, Kat and I, will still do our very best to assist and be around when we’re needed, but please, unless it’s vital, LEAVE HER OUT OF YOUR PETTY SQUABBLES. Your adults, Angels, for Christ’s sake, act your age, not your shoe size, as Kat’s mum would have said, and let her recover in peace. Thank you.”

Taking Kat’s hand, HE used the Angel-made gadget and zapped them both to their flat, where he put Kat straight to bed before going online to order a delivery of high energy, highly nutritious food stuffs, and supplements, to be delivered that very day. He also, with online help, organised a daily regime of rest, exercise and energy rich foods and drinks to get Kat back to as robust a health as possible as fast as possible. In short, he spent the time she was sleeping making preparations to pamper and cosset her, to return her to full health as best he possibly could. Like she’d done, via the Archangels and his half-brothers, for him.

In the days that followed, Adam would make sure he was up before Kat, her health shake and muesli ready for her, coffee and laptop standing by. Once he heard her starting to fidget in bed, he wandered in, after knocking of course, and handed her shake in bed, along with any urgent news from the Bondees Chain, which he was having sent to his phone, direct. Once that was done, she had a shower, then breakfast.

Adam always insisted they went out for a snack at eleven, and had a good, filling lunch. The afternoon was spent poring over artefacts, books, or doing the touristy things that they’d taken so little time for before. Adam also had a quiet word with Michael and Gabriel to organise a surprise for Kat’s birthday – it was only a few weeks away now, and he wanted THIS birthday, more than any other, to be special. After all, who knew if she’d even have another? With a gleam in his eyes, Gabriel, to Adam’s delight, took his initial idea, and ran, and ran, and ran, and ran. In fact, he ran so far with it, it bore as much resemblance to Adam’s original idea as a piece of coal does to a diamond.

Days drifted by, at a much slower pace than they’d been living at, to ensure that Kat’s recovery was an uninterrupted smooth incline, no bumps or set-backs to hinder her progress. Adam went off with Michael one day, leaving Kat in the tender care of Sam and Gabriel, Gabriel insisting Sam help him look after his ‘sister-in-law’ so she didn’t wander off the path of health and relaxation, much to Dean’s initial annoyance. Castiel dispelled his ire with a proposal for the two of them to spend the time alone together.

Gabriel and Sam, at first unsure what Kat would want to do, found, to Sam’s absolute delight, that she was happy to show them around the outdoor markets and hidden side streets that had wonderfully enigmatic shops, selling things like Indian herbs, Chinese medicines and Authentic, antique objects d’art. In one such side street, Kat had found a shop she’d been longing to show Sam or Dean – it claimed to deal in ‘rare and valuable herbs, ingredients and spices’. When Kat had seen, behind the checkout, a drawer marked ‘Phoenix Ashes, Mermaid Tears and Dragon Scales’, she knew she had to get them there.

Meantime, Adam was talking to Michael about his idea for Kat’s birthday. Gabriel had one part well in hand – almost too well, in fact. Michael, once Adam had explained why most humans celebrated birthdays, and his longing to give Kat something to remember this birthday by, no matter how many – or how few – more birthdays she had after. With some bargaining, and a few…. Well aimed barbs at some of the others, Adam and Michael came to an agreement on Adam’s idea, and they returned to Cardiff, finding Kat and Sam, with a grinning Gabriel, shoulder deep in candies and fresh produce from the farmers market Kat had taken them to – Sam delighted to have the chance to stock up on really fresh produce for a change, and Kat – with a smug grin at Adam – boxing a purchase from a farmhouse bakery stall, writing Dean’s name on it, and handing it to Sam.

After a few hours together – Adam and Sam doing some bonding after their time together in the cage – Gabriel took ‘his’ Sammy back home, and Michael went back to his Heavenly chores. With Gabriel’s having snapped all their purchases to the flat, Adam and Kat wandered slowly, hand in hand, back through the still light streets, pausing now and then to look at something, or watch some minor miracle of normal life that now eluded them.

Kat leaned back on Adam’s chest as they stood watching the day’s activities wind down and the night come alive with renewed vigour. Adam, his arms loosely around Kat’s waist, pressed a small kiss to her bleached blonde hair, its length blowing in the gentle breeze around them, swirling about in an ever shifting cloud of pale blonde wisps. Her fingers traced gently over the knuckles and veins of his hands and wrists as they stood, quietly observing the world going by.

The peace was shattered by a blaring siren, flashing red and blue lights careening round the corner towards them, a piercing shriek of a fire alarm a couple of streets away snapping them out of their daze. The sound was coming from the direction of their flat. Zapping them to the buildings grounds with the Angel device, Kat was horrified to see it was THEIR flat ablaze – with her cat and guinea pigs still inside. A fast prayer to Gabriel brought him in a flash, taking in the situation at a glance, and vanishing, to reappear an instant later with three, sooty, grimy animals in his arms.

Relief at their safety came first, rapidly followed by disbelief at the complete destruction of all their worldly goods, and swiftly superseded by the knowledge that they had nowhere to sleep that night. Adam prayed to Michael for guidance, he appeared in a few moments, Jack with him, and a plan to set up one of the rooms over the Tourist Information office as a home base for the two. The Torchwood team were called in to collect emergency supplies for the two people and three animals, as well as Owen to check all of them over for smoke inhalation – he groused that he was a Doctor not a vet, but saw to Eowyn, Gerard and Pippin anyway.

In a matter of a couple of hours, with Angelic aid, the two were re-settled in their new, temporary, lodgings. While the Angels vanished the junk that had occupied the rooms, and installed the basics – beds, table, chairs, cupboards, etc. The Torchwood four – Jack, Ianto, Gwen and Tosh, made short work of rounding up supplies of foods, clothing, pet bedding and foods, and other assorted sundry items – like bedding and linen for Kat and Adam, who’d lost literally everything in the blaze. But what had caused it?
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
The two groups had been hard at it for months when the first happening occurred. It didn’t seem out of place for either team in the beginning, but that all changed when certain…..odd events……drew links between the two towns, all those thousands of kilometres apart, in ways impossible for even the least observant to ignore.

Dean and Sam had been on a hunt, a nasty poltergeist in Memphis, when writing appeared on the wall behind its grave, as its bones flared and turned to ash. In old Enochian, the words Lunabaest and Caerdydd (the Welsh for Cardiff) appeared, gleaming in olden Pagan gold. Gabriel, who, as Sam’s soul mate was seldom far from him, read it out, and froze in shock. This then, was no accident – this was a message, sent expressly for them. They had to get a message to Torchwood ASAP.

Meantime, Kat and Adam were up to their necks in it with problems of their own. Owen, being Owen, had ‘hit on’ a woman in a bar, taken her home and screwed her. Trouble was, she wasn’t JUST a woman – she was a Vespiguard – a type of human wasp hybrid that did the dirty, then did the dirty to their mates. Kind of like a winged, stinged, black widow. Good thing for Owen that Kat had deciphered what one of the oldest archived items was – that very day – or he’d have come and gone in minutes – literally.

The device that Kat had held that morning, or, one of the five, was a sensor that detected increased levels of toxin producing enzymes in insectivorous species. In short, it picked up on any insect species that were increasing production of poisons in any one place to significant levels – it went right off the scale when Owen started to chat up his would-be fuck buddy. Kat, still in the tunnels with Adam, grabbed it and yelled for Jack.

With the arrival – in the nick of time – of Jack, Kat, Adam and the team, the Vespiguard proclaimed that it mattered not, the Winchester would be more than sufficient to subsume the needs of the whole Vespiguard commune. Adam and Kat exchanged looks and summoned Cas.

Castiel didn’t arrive alone, with him came Gabriel, bearing the warning that had appeared on the wall beside the poltergeists tomb, he and Cas reacted violently to the veiled threat against ‘the Winchester’ – whichever it would prove to be.

Kat started when the message from the doomed spirit sank into her mind. It preyed at a hidden memory – something just out of reach. She knew it was important, and related to the very beginnings of Torchwood foundation, but was, momentarily, unable to access what it was. With a sigh of defeat, Kat turned away, leaning into Adam’s shoulder in an unconscious quest for comfort.

The Vespiguard was, courtesy of an upset Gabriel, transported to the Men Of Letters Bunker – for examination and questioning, of course. The look on his face said the female would not survive the interview. Cas, meanwhile, reported the two events to the other Archangels, and went back to Dean after.

Michael and Lucifer, forced to get on since the strange ‘bonding’ a few months before, now turned their vast intelligence to the new threats, seemingly un-related, but suspiciously timed to coincide. It felt good to have a common cause after all these millennia.


Back in Torchwood, Adam was trying to comfort Kat as she strove ever harder to detangle her messy memories of what she’d learned since she’d arrived at the hub. Suddenly, frustration and worry pushed Adam to do something he’d never even thought of before – he pulled Kat up to her feet, and pressed his lips to hers. It was a desperate act, not thought out at all, and certainly not planned for, but it seemed to do SOMETHING.

Kat pulled gently back, her fingers touching her lips, eyes wide on Adam, waiting for …..She knew not what. Adam watched her too, his mind racing with his previous action, and how Kat might respond. What he didn’t expect was for her to grin widely, and turn to the computer console in front of her, now furiously banging away at the keys as her mind, suddenly crystal clear and perfectly ordered, told her exactly what she needed to know about the Lunabaest and Caerdydd.

Spinning excitedly around to face Adam once more, Kat pressed an exuberant kiss to his cheek and bust into speech. ”Adam, thank you! You did it! You sorted the jumble that was my mind, letting me remember what the Lunabaest is, and how Caerdydd relates to it, and it’s all down to you! “

She kissed his lips and, lifting him up, swung him in circles in her joy at having solved the riddle. Adam, understandably, was clueless as to how his kiss had helped, but was glad to have pleased her, when she put him down, he held her close, hugging her tenderly. Their ‘bond’ cementing in their glow of excited contentment. That’s when Sam phoned to discover what was lighting the two of them up so happy – Gabriel was incandescent himself at that moment.

Sam’s voice re-affirmed the connection between them all, and reminded Kat of the duty of care she bore to everyone, easing away from Adam, she scurried off to find Jack. With Kat gone, Adam asked Sam how things were going with the Vespiguard their end – the reply was far from the expected answer.

It turned out that ‘The Winchester’ in question was not Sam, nor was it Dean, it was – if you’ll pardon my old fashioned phraseology – the bastard off-spring of a pureblood and a maiden of sufferance great. The ‘Winchester’ was not a Winchester at all – It was a Milligan, and his name was Adam. The very person Sam was talking to over the phone.

Adam’s skin crawled as he remembered being eaten by the two Ghouls that had dined out on him and his mother in revenge for John - his, Dean and Sam’s father - having killed the Ghoul’s father. The thought that he was again being targeted by supernatural / extra-terrestrial beings not one in which he found comfort. The next split second found Kat at his side, still mid-sentence to Jack as her soul mate’s pain and fear reached her, and she hugged Adam to try and raise his spirits.

Michael appeared his former vessel’s distress summoning him, and, on being told of the Vespiguard’s message and its import for Adam, he took charge of rendering the threat obsolete. Adam nor Kat asked what he meant by the phrase.


A few days later, Kat and Adam were actually out on a real, honest to goodness case with Jack and co, when something happened that brought about an intense struggle, not only for the Torchwood team, but for the whole ‘chain of bondees’ too.

That morning, just after Ianto had served them all coffee, the computers had lit up with alarms and warnings, brighter than the sky on November Fifth. Rapidly taking readings, triangulating positions and scanning for extra information, the team and trainees set off in the Torchwood SUV for the downtown, residential area that had registered so much activity on all the scanners.

Stealthily reconnoitring the area, four small, alien devices started to revolve and emit a strange milky purple mist, a mist that crept out and surrounded Kat and Adam, thickening until they were invisible within its depths. Sam and Kevin briefly appeared before being consumed in the mysterious fog. Tiny, cherry red lights began to glow and swirl, hurricane like, within the mist, four columns of swirling light and vapour revolving faster and faster until, with a blinding scarlet flash of light and a quiet pop, the whole lot disappeared, people, devices, mist, lights and all.

The next thing Kat knew, she was in nothing. Complete sensory deprivation – no smell, sound, touch, taste, nor anything to see. She shouted for Adam, and could not even hear her own voice. More than a little freaked out, she prayed, long and hard, to all the Angels, and Archangels, in the chain of bondees, desperate for some kind of something – anything - to fill the void.


When the mist and lights cleared, revealing a complete lack of anything extra-terrestrial, and no Kat, Adam, Sam or Kevin either, Jack and co knew they were in trouble, and probably had been deliberately targeted – why else would the Apostle, the Prophet, Michael’s former vessel and Lucifer’s former vessel ALL have been taken at once? The reason was, at least for now, unknown.

Before the thought had finished forming in Gwen’s mind, the Host of Angels, and three very pissed off Archangels, had all appeared, glowing with Heavenly wrath and righteous indignation at the lack of protection that had been, apparently, received by the Apostle and other vitally important members of the Human race. As Jack struggled to find words to explain, Gabriel slumped onto a seat, his fingers going to his forehead, as a vision – a memory – of one of Kat’s early pranks as she came into her powers implanted itself into his mind. ”Kat…..” he said. His brothers zapping everyone back to the Hub.

Gabriel’s quiet word stilled all action and sounds in the hub, gaining the attention of everyone there present, and his pained expression gave way to one of fear, then confusion. A rapid flicker of images ran through his mind as Kat, straining herself and her newly discovered powers to the max, pushed fleeting images of first the gadgets as they first appeared, then the swirling milky purple mist complete with cherry lights, then the pitch black nothingness that she found herself in now. Exhausted, she drifted into unconsciousness.


Kat, on regaining consciousness, was filled with hope, because although she was still alone in the featureless void, she had used one of her new abilities to contact help – what else could she now do? First, she stretched her senses out, far beyond herself, out into the darkness beyond, and found the spirit of Adam, someone else’s consciousness on the edge of her senses. She stretched further. There, right on the very limit of her abilities, there was both Sam and Kevin – alone, afraid, but there.

Trying something else, she concentrated and there, in her arms, was a toy poodle pup, like a miniature version of the standard black poodle she’d had a few years before, tiny lights ringing his collar. Concentrating further, harder, and stretching out once again, she landed a small dog with each of the men, lighted collars pronouncing them ‘Love Kat’. To Adam she sent a West Highland Terrier puppy, to Sam she sent a Golden Labrador puppy, and to Kevin a Whippet /Sheep dog cross breed puppy. At last, a small measure of comfort in the bewildering, endless black.

Adam, responding, said ”Kat, is this really from you?” Kat was astounded to hear him, and tried to reply, all he heard was a quiet ‘ruff’. He spoke again ”Kat, where are you? Where am I come to that? What’s happening?” ‘Arf, arf’ was all he got by reply. ”Do I have to ask yes or no questions?” ‘Ruff’.

She ‘barked’ to Sam and Kevin in turn, neither immediately picking up on the connection to Kat via the animals – Adam, as her soul mate, was the one closest to her in bond and mind, so picked up on it the fastest – but eventually they caught on, and she found herself answering questions and doing her best to reassure all of them – herself included – that this was only temporary, and that they would be rescued.


As Gabriel blinked and rubbed his face, his rapid fire visions of Kat’s memories making no immediate sense to him, so his siblings and the torchwood team gathered around, eager to discover what he’d seen. As he gathered himself, Michael and Lucifer ‘read’ his recent thoughts, allowing them to ‘see’ what he’d just seen for themselves. Lucifer, disbelieving the evidence of his own mind’s eye, named the culture that had produced the gadgets – he did not seem to be happy about his discovery.

As the Archangels and Angels spoke of the beings that had the four abductees, the team from Torchwood were hard at it, working the computers and readouts, scanners and printouts, pulling together all the information they could about the events of that day. There, hidden in the multitude of facts and figures, charts, maps and other paraphernalia, was one, tiny little, insignificant detail. Minute, barely worth noting, but significant enough to give a clue, to those with the capacity to work it out, to tell them where the hostages were.

By this time, all the chain of bondees had been stirred up over the disappearance of the four hostages, and Heaven, and Earth was in uproar over it – or at least as much of each as was involved in the chain. Ellen and Jo in their Heavens had been found by Ash, who had, in turn, put them in touch with Bobby, Pamela and Mary. The discord caused by the disappearances on Earth got all of them in on the search too.

The Angels, each one going to their contacts on Earth, made a further search possible, and Dean put out the word on the Hunter network – a leftover from Bobby’s time and one of the most ‘clique-iest’  contact networks on the planet. Still, the Winchesters were well known, and as for the Prophet and the Apostle – they were instruments of God, even the disbelievers were unwilling to risk the wrath of the one possible almighty being in existence.

In a place far from Earth, the culprits – a select gathering of Aliens, far older than the Sol star system - believing that THEY were God’s children, had stolen away the key-pieces of the future end-game winner – without the four abductees, the world, mankind, could not hope to succeed in their upcoming battle for survival – even if the Angels, and Archangels pulled together and all worked as a team for a change. They foresaw the destruction of Planet Earth and Mankind, and glorious God – given blessings for themselves.

With this knowledge came a way to circumvent the disaster and retrieve those oh, so important hostages. Jack, with Michael, Lucifer, and Gabriel, made plans for retrieval of their bondees, while Gwen, Owen and Tosh arranged with the rest of the bondees to be at the Hub when it all went down, ready to help support the newly returned and prove to the Alien race that Mankind was not such a pushover as they seemed to think.

As the Archangels and Angels took flight to the planet that had the captives - a swift, well planned strike reclaiming the hostages and bringing misery to the master-planners. Dean and Ellen, with Jo - having decided to bring a little bit of vengeance to the beings responsible - had made a small but potent device that Lucifer and Gabriel, in their doubled intensity of pain and fear, were more than pleased to deploy. The explosive was enough to destroy half of a city planted as deep as the Archangels did.

The relief felt by all of the chain of bondees on their rescue was so immense it defied description, their rejoicing knew no limits, and even the likes of Zachariah gave thanks for the success of the mission. Once safely back on Earth, the four were welcomed and pampered by all, their soul mates paying particular attention to their wellbeing and return to physical and mental health, this being more difficult for Adam and Kat as both had been taken. Still, with the support of the Host, they were well.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
When Kat awoke the next morning, it was with the sure and certain knowledge that she HAD to get back to the Bunker, and she had to have certain beings with her – she just didn’t know how she knew, or why they had to be there.

Throwing on clothes, she ordered Adam into day clothes and summoned Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel and Castiel, and had them zap them all over to Kansas. They arrived in the Men Of Letters Library to find the whole place full of smoke, alarms blaring and emergency lighting flickering dimly through the dense atmosphere. Coughing and choking on the acrid smoke, Kat started yelling for the Winchesters and Kevin.

The Archangels started to eradicate the smoke as Kevin appeared from the gloom beyond them, blurry figures seeming to be bearing four lights appearing further back still. As the smoke cleared, the figures resolved themselves into Sam and Dean – but something was badly wrong with the image they presented. Their hands…..they were glowing WHITE HOT! Burning brightly like freshly forged metal.

Turning immediately to Kevin, Kat placed her forehead gently against his, and knew what to do. Taking a gentle but firm grip on Sam’s left hand, she pressed his hand against Gabriel’s upper left arm, repeating it with his right hand over Lucifer’s right bicep. Turning to Dean, she pressed his left hand to Cas’s left bicep, and then his right hand over Michael’s vessels right upper arm.

Explaining that, the handprint, with initials, marked the bond mates / soul-mate of the beings involved, all seemed well, until her own, Kevin’s and Adam’s hands all started to heat and glow brightly. Kat pressed desperately to Kevin’s head again, this time pressing her left hand to Adam’s left bicep and her right one to Gabe’s right bicep, guiding Adam’s left hand to her own left arm, discovering that ALL of the beings that had been introduced to her were involved in the bonding chain.
As they all appeared, so she, with occasional re-checks with Kevin, guided everyone to make their bonds. She linked herself to Gabriel’s right arm and Sam to his left, then Lucifer to Sam’s right as his left was held by Gabe. Lucifer’s left arm was bonded by Kevin, and Kevin’s right by Samandriel. Samandriel’s left was taken by Ellen and her right by Inias.

Jo took Inias’s left and Zachariah her right, His left held by Garth and Garth’s right by Balthazar who held Cas’s right arm in his Cas, of course, held onto Dean’s arm and Dean was on the other side of Michael to Adam. The ring was completed.
Gasping with pain and exhilaration, Kat struggled to explain that they had formed a chain of bonds, unbreakable, irreversible and permanent. All would feel the strongest emotions of everyone, just in varying levels of strength - the closer in the chain to the hurt / scared / endangered one, the stronger they would feel it. They were, in the truest sense of the word, one another’s protectors.

A voice in their heads said that soul mate did not necessarily equate to bed mate, but it often did. The voice went on to explain that, if the Angels put their ‘mark’ on the others in their group, it would strengthen the bond, and provide more robust protection for each member.

The mark of the Angel, is their vessel’s handprint with their Angelic symbol on the palm, as soon as the last mark was placed, a brilliant, clear golden light filled the whole bunker, and a feeling of calm spread all around.

Arriving back in the Hub, the party of humans and Angels, still slightly sore from the heated exchange, settled into their usual routine, Kat and Adam in the depths of the tunnels, analysis of the archived items going by at a flying rate, Adam messing around with some of the less dangerous ones, amusing Kat and occupying them both – saving them both from thinking about that mornings revelations and what it might mean to be the true soul mate of the other one.

All at once, the tunnel receded, and an old, bare wooden cabin stood in their place – tumble-down and derelict as it was, something dark was making the surrounding countryside gloomy and sinister. Something was wrong. But what? What was inside that had drawn the two of them from the depths of a Cardiff basement to wherever on Earth this run-down shack was?


Kat awoke to find herself in total darkness, a cloth of some type bound tightly over her eyes, her hands tied behind her back, she was bent at the knees and appeared to be hobbled – her ankles and wrists secured together. Things looked bad indeed.

Taking a deep breath, she whisper-yelled for Adam. Silence. Not true silence though, she could make out distant traffic and bird song, sounds of country industry like tractors and ploughs, cattle and horses. Where the hell was she? A near silent sound broke the stillness around her, and a familiar, hoarse voice murmured in her covered ear.

”Fear not, we’re all aware of your situation and have preparations in hand to bring about your safe rescue. Adam is also being held in the same building, just a different area, so we’ll retrieve him too. Keep the faith, Apostle, your Heavenly defenders are on their way.” Michael’s voice, tone and mannerisms still a little awkward, stilted, a bit like Cas.

Taking a breath, and trying to calm her racing heart, Kat thought of all the good things she had, Eowyn, Gerard, and Pippin her pets, Adam her soul mate and Gabriel, her other bond mate, the host and hunters that were now her friends, not to mention her parents renewed health – thanks to those self-same Angels. As she counted her blessings, her breathing and heart rate eased and the rapidly approaching panic attack disappeared as if never there.

Listening intently now, Kat could hear sounds of fighting in the distance, quiet at first, but growing closer and louder, scratching wildly at her bindings, Kat fought to free herself from her ties. Mere minutes later, the door broke open, and sounds of fists and feet meeting skin covered bones was immediately before her. Edging to the wall, Kat tried to evade the fighting until she could at least SEE.  

A worried, if smug, looking Zachariah pulled the blindfold off of Kat’s eyes, revealing a pitched battle between ALL EIGHT of the host, the hunters and Adam, battling against the combined forces of Crowley and Alistair, a blonde woman keeping careful watch from the background, as if she didn’t want to be seen. Unfortunately for her, Lucifer saw her, and called her name, in his true, ear-splitting voice, she stood tall, and turned to face him.

Calling her name, this time so all could understand him, Lucifer again shouted to the blonde, referring to her as Ruby, making Crowley and Alastair pause in their fighting too. The forces of evil taking stock of the stranger’s stand-off with the devil. The Angels and their co-fighters easily took care of the off-guard warriors of darkness.

The rescue did not come without its price though. Wounds adorned the skin of the humans, bleeding indicated that the Angels wings had not gone unharmed, and scorch marks on all of them showed where the demons had used hellfire against the forces of good and righteousness. Even Kat had contusions and a cut down her back that refused to stop bleeding. In all, they were in a sorry state.

Kat and Adam, once the danger was over, felt an unfamiliar tug around their waists, Michael alluding to it being the ‘connection’ to them all, trying to return them to where they’d been prior to the fight, Kat, still, obviously, shaken, refused to be parted from them OR Adam, and insisted that, whether Wales or America, they all be together while they healed. Michael declared that they all, Angels, Humans and all, would recover together in the Men Of Letters Bunker. A message was sent to Gwen explaining that ‘unforeseen circumstances’ required Kat and Adam’s presence in America for a few days. All of them, Zach included, relaxed in the pleasant, familiar warmth of the Bunker.
Once the two were due to return to Wales, Kevin asked if he couldn’t see what their ‘other home’ was like, and was granted a visit, so long as he was accompanied by at least one other. Sam pointed out that neither he nor his brother had ever been to Wales either, so they all went, exploring new places, broadening their horizons and meeting new people. Kat had great fun introducing them all to her young cousins, all four of them being under seven at the time. Sam proved to be a favourite for climbing on – his great height giving advantage of a better view from his shoulders.

The Angels hadn’t let on, but getting used to young children would prove to be important in the coming events – and though all of the children Kat introduced them to were female, Dean had the experience of having spent time with Ben to call on if needed.

They all learned to make fairy tale castles out of cardboard boxes and how to pin old curtains and tablecloths into dresses and cloaks. Adam aced them all at moulding figures in clay while Kevin proved to be a master chef when it came to fairy cakes and tartlets. Dean and Gabriel excelled at eating them.

Once back in the States and Cardiff respectively, the two groups got down to work, Kevin making inroads into the Demon tablet while Kat and Adam rapidly made their way through the backlog of artefacts in the Torchwood archives. Still, now, weeks on from the bonding, Kat and Adam were un-resolved as to their feelings about being the others soul-mate. If only they’d known it, the resolution to their quandary was rapidly approaching.
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(Contains: violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Come New Year, yes, the ‘Nativity’ had been done at Christmas, Kat was ready to go back to the UK, and, after a couple of weeks with her parents, and a weekend with her Aunt, Uncle and cousins in the Rhonda valley, she arrived in the Torchwood hub to the familiar sound of the invader alarm blaring. The Angels, bless them, had landed her and Adam, along with the animals, in the conference room – the pet carriers on the table.

Once the group of Angels and humans had been recognised and greeted, the siren shut down and animals introduced, Kat and Adam were taken to the place that had been prepared for their arrival, and the animals settled for the day. Groceries were bought and the two sorted themselves to begin working with the Torchwood team the next day.

As soon as Kat walked into the hub the next morning, Tosh had a newly discovered device for her to identify – scans had shown that it could well be highly dangerous, and they needed to be sure. Kat, unprepared for such an instant start was taken by surprise and dropped the palm sized object, making a dent in the floor bigger than you’d expect for a thing of its weight. Ianto scowled and moved away as Owen called a rude remark, Kat just grinned to herself and winked at Adam. Tosh, picking it up from the floor, placed it carefully on the desk, allowing Kat to lift it herself, a connection to the computer automatically created and the information instantly uploading, telling Tosh all that they needed to know about the hand held transmitter it turned out to be.

Kat was unimpressed with her welcome that morning, and asked if she couldn’t at least be spoken to before having things dumped on her, Tosh bashfully apologised. Grinning cheekily, Kat and Adam rolled their eyes at one another as Owen called over about Kat being clumsy, and with a wink to her friend Kat made Owen drop his freshly brewed coffee onto his own crotch, making him curse loudly.

Inias, the Angel of the morning, looked confusedly around them all as Kat hollered to Owen ‘who’s the clumsy one now Doc?’ and told Inias that ‘The physician may not be able to heal themselves’ from that scald, and could he please give Owen a hand. Inias laid gentle fingers on Owen’s forehead as he stared confusedly from his hand to his cup, certain he’d had a good grip on it. Jack called over for Owen to zip up, no-one was having a pissing contest here.

Adam and Kat giggled as the Torchwood team just seemed to accept the boss’s words, finding amusement in the unusual pronunciation of otherwise familiar language. Gathering all together around the table in the conference room, Ianto bringing fresh coffees for all (Kat telling Owen to be more careful this time) Jack wasted little time in spelling out what he’d planned for Kat (and therefore Adam) in the time they were with them.

Jack’s plan, it turned out, involved nothing more than Kat going through all the items in the Hub’s many storage rooms, providing detailed analysis of each and every item they had thus far accumulated. Inias interrupted, stating that that wasn’t suitable for the Apostle, nor would it happen. If Jack and co. didn’t keep to the deal he’d made with Castiel, then Torchwood would be shut down, from the inside, and the Angels would oversee all the rest of Kat’s training by themselves. With immense resentment, Jack re-agreed.

As Kat and Adam spent their days going through the archived items on days when there was no new activity, they got to know the lay-out of the base pretty well – only Ianto seemed to know it better, and he was secretive about something in the basement level, one room he kept locked and sealed to the younger researchers – but Kat found out why anyway.

To Kat’s astonished horror, she discovered a fully functioning partial cyber conversion unit in the secret room. Placing a hand on the unit, she was immediately zapped away from the room by Zachariah, the dick-bag of an Angel watching over her that afternoon, he dispersed it’s molecules across the universe once they were safely away from it, and questioning Jack as to its presence there the next second. Needless to say, Jack knew nothing of its being there. All eyes turned to Ianto.

With Ianto’s confession of guilt to the machines presence in the base, came an idea to Kat, and, one by one, she ‘investigated’ the minds of the rest of the team for possibly dangerous secrets they held towards the hub. She was astonished by what she found. Owen’s ….ahem, relationship…..with a character in a virtual reality game that had broken through all the firewalls and safeties Tosh had built into the hubs computer systems, Tosh’s experimental programs on the computers themselves, Jack’s ‘private’ suite in the hidden level beneath his office – who knew what he did there?, not to mention Gwen’s ‘borrowing’ items to try to improve her home life with Rhys.

The ‘team’ were stunned by the number of secrets being kept by them all – how could they trust one another now? That’s when Adam whispered something to Kat, with a thoughtful frown followed by a nod, Kat decreed time out, and to meet again, same place next morning at nine sharp, telling Zach to ensure the Angelic support squad were all there too.

When morning came, the whole massed gang was there – Angels, former vessel, Archangels, Torchwood team, and Apostle alike – sat around the table, looking expectantly from one to the other, baffled as to what Adam and Kat had planned. When they had walked in, smiles on their faces and hands linked, Kat had announced it to be a ‘team building’ exercise.

Adam took a seat at the end of the table opposite Jack, and Kat stood directly behind him, stance loose and easy, Adam relaxed in his seat. Kat spoke up. ”So, yesterday we learned secrets about all of the ‘Team Torchwood’, and I believe they’re a little uncertain of how they can trust one another anymore. Correct?” When they all nodded, she smiled reassuringly at them. ”Well, today, we’re going to have a team confidence building day. Adam, are you ready?”

When Adam grinned and nodded confidently, Kat spoke again ”Adam had the idea that, starting with himself, I should ‘reveal’ two or three secrets about everyone – you host as well – so we’re all a little better acquainted.” Laying her fingers gently on Adam’s head, information bubbles appeared on the projector screen behind Jack’s head.

1. Eaten by a Ghoul along with mum.
2. Resurrected from Heaven by Zachariah to ‘be Michael’s vessel for the Apocalypse’.
3. Went to Hell with Michael, Sam and Lucifer when plan to trap Dean went wrong.
 Mumbles arose from the Torchwood team that it was all lies, until a red faced Zachariah and Michael confessed that it wasn’t. Kat moved on round to Michael sitting beside his former vessel.

1. Cast brother out of Heaven for Loving Dad (God) too much.
2. Threw same brother into Hell’s cage for turning man’s soul into a demon.
3. Tried to kill same brother when Winchester brothers were attempting to prevent catastrophic Apocalypse.
Michael was eyed warily, mutters of not wanting to piss him off and striking him from the Christmas list were heard. Kat moved round to the next in line, Balthazar.

1. Un-sank Titanic, allegedly because of a dislike of the movie and Celine Dion.
2. Faked his death and stole many of Heavens weapons so he could live free life on Earth.
3. Is a wine loving piss-artist with a well hidden streak of good nature.
More looks exchanged as he hid his reddened face in his hands, cursing the teenager behind him. Kat moved round to Owen, who looked more than a little antsy about it.

1. Isn’t nearly as cold hearted as he makes out.
2. Has reluctant crush on Tosh.
3. Wants to be noticed for more than his work as a Doctor.
Owen eyed Kat sourly and looked resolutely at his hands. The Apostle shifted to Inias, and his shoulders tensed as her fingers brushed softly over his brows.

1. Was a fledgling with Samandriel.
2. Was in Hester’s platoon when set upon by the Leviathan.
3. Is fonder of some siblings than he should be.
Inias laid a hand on Kat’s before she moved round to stand behind Castiel, who flinched slightly at her delicate touch.

1. Worked with King of Hell to open Purgatory.
2. Betrayed and injured friends to do so, including the one he’s in love with.
3. Has killed many Angels when insanity drove him to imagine himself as God.
Castiel looked to his feet as all looked at him with astonishment or disbelief. Then came Ianto’s turn.

1. Brought cyber-conversion unit into Torchwood to attempt to save his girlfriend in secret.
2. Was ready to fight his colleagues when they found out.
3. Is having torrid affair with Jack now.
Ianto’s face lit up scarlet with embarrassment as he gazed firmly at his shoes. Then came Jack’s turn in the hot seat. Jack was cocky – he’d lived hundreds of years since the incident with Rose, the Doctor and the Daleks, and he was confident he would withstand Kat’s gentle probing. He lived to regret his certainty.

1. Was married and has adult daughter and a grandchild.
2. Is not, in fact, called Jack Harkness – that’s an identity he assumed from an American serviceman that disappeared in WW2.
3. Swings every which way, not just male or female.
Jack, taken by complete surprise, reacted strongly to the revelations about himself, grabbing hold of Kat’s hand and wrenching it away from his face, the Angels instantly on their feet, Angel blades at the ready. Jack, dropping her as if she’d burned him, leapt to his feet and prepared to stomp off, only to find himself unable to move away. Smiling gently, Kat moved on to Gwen.

1. Has had an affair with Owen, pretending to be working late to Rhys.
2. Has crush, of sorts, on Jack.
3. Gets frustrated with Jacks secretive ways, and took charge quite well when he left for a year.
Gwen looked as though she’d just seen Owen banging the Torchwood SUV with Ianto’s coffee maker, while the rest of the ‘team’ looked shocked at these revelations. On to Zachariah.

1. Is only interested in helping others if there’s something in it for himself.
2. Claims to be a ‘necrophile’ - made claims of ‘banging’ Sam and Dean’s deceased mother.
3. Is Michael’s second in command (and as big an asshole as it’s possible to be).
Zachariah actually looked shame-faced, which was something of a surprise – until Michael barked out, in a loud, stern aside, that he’d talk to him of his behaviour later – then it made sense. Kat moved round to Gabriel.

1. Faked it as a Trickster demi god – Loki – for millennia before being discovered by the Brothers Winchester.
2. Has a penchant for devouring sweets and desserts, a left-over from his trickster days.
3. Has a gigantor sized crush on Sam Winchester
Gabriel ‘choked’ on the candy he was eating – and clicked his fingers. Nothing happened due to the actions of his siblings protecting the Apostle and the computers. The technician of Torchwood, Tosh, was next up.

1. Is in love with Owen.
2. Can decode more technological gadgetry than most people have ever come across.
3. Read her team-mates minds while wearing a pendant given her by an alien she had an affair with.
The humans in the room gazed at Tosh with wondering eyes – just WHAT had she read? While the Apostle moved on to the penultimate being at the table – Samandriel.

1. Was taught to fly by Castiel.
2. Was captured and tortured by Crowley, giving up the secret of the Angel tablet as a result.
3. Was murdered by a mind controlled Castiel, on Naomi’s orders.
Castiel looked at his feet while everyone else looked between Samandriel and himself. Then it was Lucifer’s turn.

1. Made plans to kill off all of mankind, and his own Demons, if his Apocalypse had been successful.
2. Wore Adam’s brother, Sam Winchester, as a vessel for the Apocalypse.
3. Murdered a hotel full of Pagan Gods, and his brother Gabriel, in a failed attempt to persuade said Winchester brother to be his vessel at that time.
Lucifer kept his head up high, meeting the eyes of everyone in turn as he swept his gaze around the room. Castiel rose to his feet. ”Kathleen, it would seem only fair for some of your own secrets to be revealed – you’ve revealed those of everyone else. He came to stand at the Apostle’s side, and placed gentle fingers on her face. The computer screen flared brightly to life.

1. CALL ME THAT NAME AND YOU WILL BE HURT Hurt. Hurt. Hurt. Hurt. Hurt.
2. Had phobia of Chinchillas as a child.
3. Thinks most of Gabriel’s jokes lame and tasteless.
Castiel frowned and asked Kat to stop blocking his attempts to read her memories. Adam’s taking hold of her hand distracted her just enough for Cas to continue.

4. Thinks Adam should wear skinny jeans more often as they emphasise his tasty looking butt.
5. Feels the Angels / Archangels take themselves too seriously.
6. Wonders what the beings she has encountered in her Apostle training would look like in sexy super-hero / super - villain outfits.
Kat gave an outraged shriek, and attempted to leave, but was prevented by Adam’s grip, and his asking if they could bring his brothers over and do the same with them. She agreed, and Sam, Dean, and Kevin all appeared. The trio of new-comers were bewildered, until Gwen, taking pity on them, explained, and showed them the ‘secrets’ revealed so far. They sat and readied themselves. Sam was first.

1. Has deep-seated sense of self-loathing for having allowed himself to become addicted to demon-blood.
2. Is plagued by constant feelings of not being worthy to be loved or saved.
3. Has suppressed, profound desire for Gabriel, despite his having murdered Dean multiple times.
Sam looked at his hands in shame as Dean yelled and Gabriel smirked. Kevin took a deep breath when Kat moved around behind him.

1. Sometimes longs for the simplicity of his former life, when his biggest worry was writing his Princeton entrance essay.
2. Found it incredibly hot yet awkward when he accidentally saw Cas and Dean make out after a successful hunt.
3. Wants desperately to be loved for himself, not for his brain or his being a ‘prophet’.
Sympathy filled gazes swept round to the Asian youth as Kat went to stand determinedly behind Dean. He tensed as her fingers brushed his face.

1. Enjoyed torturing souls in Hell for Alistair.
2. Is despairingly clinging to denial about his deep and profound love for Castiel – HE’S NOT GAY, DAMNIT!
3. Can’t help but blame Sam for most of what’s gone wrong in his life, Sam or his Father, that is.
Dean, face both mortified and guilty, averted his gaze and clenched his hands together in his lap. Silence reigned for a while until Ianto broke it to ask who wanted coffee, they left the table in small groups and the remains of the day was spent talking, trust re-building and getting to know one another again in the light of this new knowledge and the facts now before them all.
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(Contains: violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Just like every second Thursday, as per the plan to help with her anxiety and social difficulties, Kat had planned a timetable for herself for her usual morning out in her local town, from what time bus she would catch in to the odd jobs she would do whilst there. Having disembarked from the bus, she proceeded to the library, returning the book she’d borrowed and taking out another video in its place.

From there, as per the plan, she went to her opticians to pay for and collect her new glasses, before doing a little shopping and getting a coffee before heading for home. The plan fell apart at the opticians. Kat had just picked up her glasses, having had them properly fitted, when suddenly a loud noise came from the back room, and a suited figure came out in its wake.

This suited figure, however, was no man. Yes, he wore a smart black suit, neatly pressed and correctly fastened, with a white dress shirt and a tie, but the head at the top was like something out of science-fiction. The head was shaped like a large, bloated fish, humanoid features to the front, with a tall, fluted crest of stiffly pointed spines poking up out of a fin like structure on the top of its head, Mohican style, two smaller fins sprouting, ear like, from either side, and a tail like protrusion at the rear.

Mainly crimson in colour, it had markings of a rich cobalt blue splashed here and there and the attitude of a gout – ridden general with nappy rash and tight boots. He was waving an AK47 around and yelling orders. Kat had had just enough time to take in the strange being before her, when two more occurrences had her collapsing to the floor, curled up in a terrified heap.

The shop door behind her came crashing loudly into the shop, sending her sprawling from its impact with her spine, a gruff American voice calling to drop the gun, when, in that same instance, another suited, coated figure appeared, seemingly from nowhere, behind the first figure, a hand extending to touch the back of the first figures neck, dropping him to the floor like a sinking ship.

The latest figure on the scene, ignoring everyone else, followed the fish-headed-man to the ground, examining him with seeming nonchalant exactness from the slightest of glances, only looking up when the American voiced male in the greatcoat poked him with his boot. ”Who and what are you, and how did you do that?” The American demanded, scrutinising the both other males intensely.

The man on the floor glanced up, merely to acknowledge the other, before looking back to the unconscious …..thing…on the floor, stating calmly, ridiculously, ”I am Castiel, Angel of the Lord.” It was at that point that Kat, rocking herself on her feet and bottom from her coiled position on the floor, gained the Great-coated figures attention.

Walking across to where she sat, he sank to one knee beside her, and offered his hand ”Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood.” He grinned in what Kat imagined he thought of as a winning way, she struggled for a voice, shock and panic having robbed her of it temporarily. ”Kat, I’m Kat.” Castiel chose that moment to break the awkward speech and comment ”Oh, you’re beautiful, such a wonderful creation of my father’s, but so very far from your home.” He proceeded to list the exact species and planet that fish-man actually was, and in the blinking of an eye both he, and the fish-man, disappeared.

The Captain looked annoyed, maybe perplexed was more the phrase, turning his attention back to Kat, he helped her to her feet, and took her to the café, conveniently right next door, for strong, sweet coffee, to get over the shock, and talk over what she’d seen. As she lifted the cup to her lips for the first sip, there was the sound of wing beats, and Castiel was, once more, at their side, perched incongruously, conspicuously, beside Kat at the table.

”I would not drink that if I were you, Kat. It has been drugged to make you forget what you have encountered.”, with a gasp of shock, Kat cast the cup away from her, and the still hot liquid dribbled, slowly, down the front of its buyers greatcoat. Jack scowled, unamused at having his careful ‘clean up’ operation scuppered. Kat shrank back from the hand he held out to her, leaning, instead, toward the confusing, strangely comforting, Angel of the Lord.


With a blinking of an eye, Jack, Kat and Cas were no longer in the café, but were, rather, in a rundown motel room looking into the stunned faces of two tall men dressed in jeans, tees and plaid over shirts, one slightly taller than the other, both with hair in shades of brown, both with brownish green eyes, both seemingly used to unannounced appearances by the Angel, though seemingly NOT used to him appearing with other people with him. The shorter of the two men spoke (cursed) first.

”Jesus Christ Cas! Not only no warning or personal space, but bringing strangers too? What’s the deal this time? World doomed? Abaddon risen again and roaming the Earth for a host to wear to the next prom? What’s with the cutie and the WW2 reject? Sam swallowed a grin and held his hand out to you both, offering introductions. Jack scowled.

Thus far, to Jack, the day had gone from terrible to worse, first the blowfish being snatched from under his very nose, then the Angel preventing his clean-up, now being snatched away himself to meet ‘Dumb and Dumber – The Plaid Version’
, and all before lunch. He was not a happy bunny. He grunted a response, leaving a bewildered Kat to ask what questions she would.

Her tongue tying itself in knots, Kat muttered a vague explanation of what had happened to her thus far that day, to the older brother’s disbelief, while the younger kept more of an open mind, having a faith that his sibling had never had. Kat’s rambling account was cut short when Castiel, eyes closed and hands by his sides, began mouthing soundlessly to himself, whether a prayer, a benediction or a calling, no-one knew yet.

The answer was not long in coming. With the fluttering of wings, half a dozen more men were around them, gazes fixed on a shy and rather scared Kat, raising his hands, Cas confounded the gathered people by announcing ”Brothers, this is the one we have been seeking! She is the one. turning to one of the new arrivals, he said ”Come, my brother, read her for yourself! See, she must be protected. She is the Apostle, the witness come to bring about the start of the Beginning. She must be taught, she must learn, she must know!”

At this somewhat startling announcement, Kat backed away from the approaching stranger, who had his hand stretched out toward her in a gesture that reminded her of Cas’s handling the blowfish that morning. Sam, the younger, taller brother, introduced the new-comers by name. ”Kat, Jack, these are Balthazar, Gabriel, Samandriel, Lucifer, Zachariah (he’s an asshole), and Anias. All Angels or Archangels, they generally are good people, when they aren’t being the biggest assholes in the universe. Watch out for Zac, he’s a bit of a …..Dick.”

Kat, with a slightly alarmed squeak, pushed herself further behind Sam’s friendly feeling bulk, and murmured ”Eowyn, I want Eowyn. I want my cat. You’re all bigger than me and older than me, and I want my cat.” With a click of his fingers, Gabriel, smiling gently at the still startled girl, presented the white and black feline to her, asking if that was, indeed, the right one. Kat took her and nuzzled her gently, nodding an agreement. Muttering under his breath and fiddling with the watch-like device on his wrist, Jack disappeared from view, leaving Kat more bewildered than ever.

Zachariah, opening his mouth to make one of his usual, pompous, self-congratulatory statements, was cut off by Lucifer, who simply gave him a hard look, made a gesture with his hand, and muted him. Murmuring something to Gabriel, Anais and Samandriel left for a couple of moments, returning with the newly resurrected Jo and Ellen Harvelle, to remain with Kat during her training and protect her from the likely seduction attempts of their very own ‘Righteous Man’, and others that may try to lead her astray from her calling, the two females at their sides astonishing and delighting the Winchester brothers.

MEOW came loudly from the back of the now crowded room, Eowyn, disliking how closely Kat was holding her, made her displeasure known – loudly. ”Damn fur ball” grumbled Dean as the cat leaped from Kat’s arms and into Castiel’s delighted hands. Lucifer, rolling his eyes but secretly fawning over one of his father’s creatures, stepped closer to the troubled youth and laid a careful hand on her shoulder as she watched his brother practically swoon over the animal.

With a gleam of mischief in his eyes, Gabriel winked at Kat and snapped his fingers, instantly EVERYONE was holding a cat of some description. Dean, as luck would have it (or Gabe’s scheming) was holding a Siamese – the one breed that can’t retract their claws – guess who got scratched? Sam had a long furred Persian blue, while all the other angels were holding kittens of various breeds. Kat herself was snuggling a Cornish Rex – distinctive for being completely bald.

With the anxious girl’s nerves a little calmer in the presence of the animals, the Angels and Hunters discussed, with Kat, the form of training she would need. In a throwaway comment that many of the host didn’t understand, Dean made reference to Yoda’s training of Luke on Dagobah – from the Star Wars films – however, not only did Gabriel understand the reference, he thought it an excellent idea, and shrunk Dean to fit a child’s toddler carrier, ready for the off.

While Sam and Lucifer laughed and Kat grinned a little Castiel looked, as much as his expression changed at all, annoyed, while the other Angels either rolled their eyes or seemed bewildered. Dean, in the carrier strapped to a bemused Kat’s back, crossed his arms over his now diminished chest and cussed Gabriel from Heaven to Hell and back again (in some very imaginative ways). Lucifer, looking, perhaps to get a little revenge for the aborted apocalypse, teasingly told him that little boys who swore got punished and willed a paddle for his butt into existence.

Cas was now glowering at them both, and he, with Samandriel and Inias, changed him to his right size, the Siamese – who’d been shrunk and stuck in the carrier with him – yowled loudly, scratched him mightily across the cheek and leapt to relative safety of Kat’s arms. With the humour of the act having broken the ice and allowed Kat to relax, the Angels, except for Cas and Inias, disappeared back to wherever they’d come from.

Now was time for lessons to begin….not quite. Kat refused to even think about learning anything until such time as her parents had been visited and assured of her safety (and sanity). The Angels zapped her, and the hunters, to her parent’s house, appearing inside the living room and almost giving her mother a heart attack.

Her mother had a heart condition, and four strangers and her daughter suddenly appearing out of thin air did not help her. Inias lay a hand on her head and cured her. Sitting on the floor shaking her head in confusion, her mother, Linda, looked around at them all in bewilderment as her daughter questioned him as to what he’d just done. Inias explained that he’d cured the heart condition.

Gathering her scattered wits back together, Linda reminded her daughter of stranger danger, and that she’d been going to collect her glasses. Nodding, Kat took the point up with the Angels, who answered by zapping them all back to the bunker in Kansas. Kat was livid with them all, and made sure they ALL knew it. Sam wrapped an arm around her shoulders to try to calm and console her.

Shoving him aside, or rather, trying to, Kat went to storm off in a temper, only to realise that she had no clue where she was, or how she could get safely away. Dean burst out into amused chuckles at her frustration, Sam was more understanding of her situation, the two Angels stood clueless of why the Apostle was angered with them, and of how to right the situation.

Suddenly, from a room somewhere in the depths of the tunnel like structure came a young Asian male, not much older than Kat herself from the looks of him, grumbling about disruptions to his translations and what was the fuss now. Kat ran to him, maybe he could help her.

Gasping a little, still upset and not a little anxious, Kat blurted out in one long, unbroken sentence her situation, and how she’d been abducted from a café near her home and taken to some strangers, then taken home briefly only to be abducted again. Kevin, the young man in question, had had a similar happening when he’d come into his ‘Prophet’ role – leaving him perfectly placed to understand how she was feeling now.

He glanced over at the Hunters and Angels, rolling his eyes before leading her to the kitchen for a sit down and some coffee. Calming, Kat and Kevin talked about their similar situations and how nothing had gone as planned for either of them.

While they were talking, Gabriel arrived, Castiel had been in touch to ask advice on the unhappy Apostle. When Kat sent him an annoyed look and otherwise ignored him, he went looking for his younger brothers and found Sam who filled him in on the situation. Gabriel wasn’t impressed with either Dean, or his siblings. He gathered them for a ‘Team Meeting’ to explain the error of their ways. The talk was met with resentment by one, acceptance by another and confusion by the other two.

Once he’d explained, coerced and conned his way into everyone’s understanding and acceptance, he had led a slightly morose but contrite party of Angels and Hunters into the kitchen where the two youths sat talking. With some stipulations, Kat agreed to the ‘Heavenly directive’ that she must learn all things Supernatural, Spiritual, and Scriptural, one being that she had a room near Kevin for safety and another that her cat be returned to her from wherever she had been left. On behalf of all parties, Gabriel agreed.

Next day, Gabriel and Balthazar took Kat back home to her parents, landing OUTSIDE and knocking at the door, trying to make reparation for the previous day. Healing not only her father’s diabetes and galactoseamia, but her sisters’ autism too. Reassured, and with some of her own belongings in tow, Kat took temporary residence in the bunker with Team Free Will. Her guinea pigs re-homed with her.


As Dean taught her about guns and weaponry, and Sam brought her up to speed on other uses for the internet than social sites like Tumblr and twitter, the Angels took turns instructing her on the truth of the holy past and its relevance to her future. All went well, until the third week, when it was Zachariah’s turn to instruct the young lady on Enochian, the sigils, language and pronunciation. Kat and Zach had what might be described as a trying relationship – he was trying to boss her about and she was trying to avoid him.

When he appeared, ten thirty on the Wednesday morning, to begin the lesson, Kat decried the timing ”I have keep fit with Sam and Kevin now, I can give you an hour after lunch. Come back around two pm.” and off she scampered, calling for the two men in question, Cas giving an almost guilty half grin at her antics. When he came back at two, she wasn’t there – she was in a ‘lesson’ with Lucifer – studying the ecology of the planet with a world-wide field trip.

After a month of non-stop evasions and avoidances, Zach had run out of patience and convened a meeting with Kat and the others to get some kind of attendance guarantee for her presence the next morning. It didn’t go as he expected. When he demanded to know what it would take for her to actually attend the lesson, she gave him a blunt stare and declared ”A different teacher.”

Sniggers and chuckles broke out around those that weren’t afraid of Zachariah, and Lucifer decreed that if she felt so strongly about it, Castiel would teach her – Zachariah would prepare the lessons materials and deliver them to Castiel instead of going too close to the uncomfortable young Apostle. Kat gave a small cheer and high fived Kevin (the prophet had been helping to run interference for the teenager) the other humans laughed.  

Castiel began the lessons next morning at nine sharp. In these lessons Kat wasn’t alone though, both Sam, Dean and Kevin evincing an interest in the subject – they all joined class, with Dean grumbling about the time. The lesson went well, and was actually much more interesting than it had first appeared to be. Afterwards, over coffee in the kitchen, Kat and Kevin spoke of how their roles gave them unique perspectives on the whole ‘Angels and Demons’ thing, and monsters in general. It made Kat think.

With a lot on her mind, she wandered outside to meet Anais for her next lesson – Evolution and the effect of mankind on the world. Again, the lesson was interesting, and well presented with just enough humour (intended or not) included for it to make a subject that took her attention.

Once it was over, she asked the young Angel a few …..Pointed questions, and discovered that the answers were even more fitting for what she’d been thinking about than she hoped. She called for Lucifer and asked Anais to bring Michael to her. It was time to get to work.


Meanwhile, across the Pacific in Cardiff, Jack had returned to the Torchwood hub and was grumbling long and loud to his merry band of workers about the Angels interfering in his last recovery mission, and how they may or may not be under threat of imminent invasion by such beings. Just then, the intruder alarm went off….

Zachariah and Lucifer, working together for a change, for the common cause, had arrived and heard Jack’s rant. They decided to have some fun with them. Zachariah, bellowing Enochian curses in his full, unrestricted, natural voice, blew out the lights in half the network of tunnels that made up the hub while Lucifer – still appearing as a burning through Nick – suddenly stood in the centre of the main conference room, hands on hips, sneer on his face.

While Jack faced off against Lucifer in the centre of the hub, Owen and Tosh shot at him and Gwen and Ianto went to find the intruder in the complex itself. Checking the cell area, they found Janet, their weevil, missing. Zachariah touched both in turn and they were transported to the main room with Jack and Lucifer. He followed up bringing in Owen and Tosh.

Jack, finding that his entire team had been rounded up, sat at the table, folded his arms, and tersely informed his team people that these were two of the Angels that had a mission for them, and that they had no recourse but to obey – they, Torchwood, had no way of stopping them from doing anything they pleased. Lucifer gave a charming grin as Zachariah smirked, Owen cursed about smarmy dicks under his breath and the rest of them sat at attention.

Lucifer, standing with his back to the screen that was showing, as usual the cells – now devoid of any inmates – explained who the Apostle was, what her role in the upcoming events was, and how they, Torchwood, were to train and educate her on all things extra-terrestrial that they had come across. It would prove vital in the upcoming months. They, the Angels, would bring her along when she’d finished her supernatural training in America.

Lucifer was the one to answer the inevitable questions, firstly from Gwen. ”You say she’s just a teenager, where’s she going to live? And how’s she going to support herself? You know, food, clothes, and the basic essentials of life?” Lucifer smiled, it wasn’t reassuring.

”My dear Gwen, do you honestly expect that a ward of God needs to be concerned with life’s trivialities like that? Torchwood will provide accommodation, and all other basic requirements, just as it does for you. She’s a vegetarian, so in the next few months, you can be sorting out suitable supplies. The American team she’s with now has her living with them.”

Next came Ianto ”Sir, if I understand you correctly, this young lady is to learn ALL about EVERYTHING we’ve yet encountered that came through the rift. Sir, none of US knows everything about all of it yet, how’s she supposed to learn it all so fast?”

”Ah, Ianto, isn’t it? You’re mere mortals, save for Jack. Kat, the Apostle, has accelerated learning due to her role as one of God’s key agents here on Earth.” Tosh looked up and quietly asked what Kat’s computing skills were like, Lucifer remarked that she found her way well enough around twitter, Tumblr and deviant art.

Owen sneered, and demanded ”Well, what if we don’t want to abide by your will?” Zachariah, grinning delightedly, snapped his fingers and Owen found himself securely fastened to the ceiling by his butt. Jack, arms crossed over his chest and a scowl on his face demanded first Owen’s release, then some idea of when Kat would arrive. Owen fell to the floor, landing hard and painfully, and Lucifer just grinned, announced that Kat would be bringing a cat and two guinea pigs, and the two Angels vanished.

When they got back to Kat in America, she took an instant dislike to the smugly amused looks on their faces and demanded to know what they’d been up to. When they simply replied that the Torchwood party were aware of what they needed to be prepared for, she insisted on the two of them taking her there.

The alarms blared again as they arrived in the centre of the Torchwood hub, the five people still gathered around the table where the Angels had left them, Owen still rubbing his head where a rather prominent lump had developed. Kat, arms folded in disbelief and an apologetic look on her face, turned to the still alarming (to her) Jack, and stated that she didn’t know what the two had said or done, but to ignore them.

Holding her hand out to the closest member of the team, who happened to be Gwen, she said ”I’m Kat. All I really need is a place to sleep – a sleeping bag on the floor will do - some kind of vegetarian food source, and somewhere for my cat and guinea pigs to stay. I’ll be about six months, I’m told, in the US, before coming here. I imagine they caused some kind of mischief whilst here, and for that I apologise. “ Grabbing a pen and paper off the desk, she scribbled a few things and handed it to Jack.

”Look, here’s my mobile number, if they get out of hand, or anything untoward happens, call me, and I’ll sort it. The other Angels I’m working with are Gabriel – he’s a trickster, so expect some pranks while he’s around, Castiel – Jack, you met him earlier, Samandriel, Inias – they’re both nice, and Balthazar – he’s a boozer, so keep your wine and whiskey under lock and key while he’s about.”

Owen, his face a mix of fury and confusion, stated coldly”They hung me from the ceiling by my ass, then dropped me from it onto my head – look!” Kat scowled at the two Angels, before saying”So, its fun to hang people around is it? Which one hung you up? Zachariah? Lucifer, hang him up too, then fix the man’s head. No, Zach, not physician heal thyself. Lucifer, do it, you two caused it. And no coming down before I say so Zach.”

Picking up a small device from off the desk, Kat turned it over in her hands, a stream of information leaving her mouth completely without her knowledge, the main screen behind Jack lighting up with the information as it did so, leaving everyone in the room with their mouths hanging open in amazement. Carefully, slowly, Lucifer removed the device from her hands, and the in-depth analysis of the item ceased. Confusion creased Kat’s brows when she saw the new information on the screen, and she looked around in bewilderment.

”Lucifer, have you fixed the feller yet? Zachariah, have you learned your lesson? No? Then fucking well do it. NOW LUCI!” A voice, sounding distinctly like an amused Gwen’s, said ”Maybe she’ll be an asset Jack.” Grinning, Kat looked from Gwen to Owen, and said cheekily ”No, HIS was the ass that was set. Set on the ceiling. Bye now, I’ll see you in a few months.” and they all vanished, before reappearing briefly to say ”Oh, I’ll send one of the nicer Angels a few days before I arrive, to give you some warning. Okay? Bye.”


In America, Lucifer showed up to answer Kat’s call, horrified to find Michael there too, along with Dean and Sam. Kat, looking both nervous and determined, was sitting in the middle of a clearing in the woods outside the bunker, on an old fallen tree, arms loosely draping over her knees. She introduced herself to Michael, then cleared her throat.

”Now, apparently, I’m supposed to be some kind of all important Apostle, vital to the new world plan of God or whatever. That’s not going to work for me if I have to keep living in a theoretical war zone. So this is what’s going to happen. Michael, Lucifer, Dean, Sam, you’re each going to hug it out with your brother, forgiving and forgetting one another’s misdemeanours, then I’ll set you a task together to prove you mean it. Go on, hug each other, and mean it!”

When reluctant hugs had been exchanged, and the brothers had made up with each other, Kat told them of the mission she had in mind for them. Smiling delightedly at them, she spoke up once more. ”I hear tell that there’s still someone trapped in the cage. An innocent human that was unfortunate enough to fit in with the plans of Angels and was sacrificed as corporate damage. I believe his name is Adam Milligan, and that he’s a Winchester by blood if not by name. Your mission, if you want me to do my part, is to rescue him from there and bring him here, healed and whole. If he’s not here by this time next week, you can take your ‘Apostleship’ and stick it where the sun don’t shine.”
Grumbling to themselves, the four males left her in the sun while they started to think about the project they’d just been landed with. Kat, relaxed and pleased with herself, sprawled back and closed her eyes. Suddenly, she wasn’t alone, a man of medium height and slightly pudgy girth was before her, a delighted smile on his face as he announced ”Hello Darling.”

Without knowing quite what she said, Kat’s mouth opened and an unbroken stream of unfamiliar language sped forth, causing red smoke to pour from the man’s mouth, and the body to collapse floor ward. Angels appeared just as he landed, Angel blades drawn, sensing danger to the Apostle. Looking from the unconscious man on the grassy ground to the Angels gathered around her, Kat asked plaintively what was going on.

Castiel, his blade disappearing back where it was stored, crouched down by the fallen figure, only to curse as he turned the figure face up. ”Crowley!” he swore. Gabriel looked from the man to Kat, a thoughtful look on his usually grinning face, as Kat asked if ‘Crowley’ was dead. Inias reassured her that he was not, merely exorcised, the body he’d been occupying unconscious. Kat sighed with relief and got up, wanting to get away from the place he’d appeared as soon as possible.

In that week, with Michael, Lucifer, Dean and Sam absent, the usual routine changed slightly, yes, Kat still took lessons in hunting and spirituality from the Angels, Ellen, Jo and Garth, who’d dropped by to see the brothers, but once the day’s lessons were over, Kat was teaching the Angels something of how living as a human felt – simple things like walking in the woods with baskets, collecting the wild foods that grew in there. It was fall by now, berries and apples, hips and haws, all manner of wild variants of herbs and vegetables were collected and stored in the bunkers massive fridges and freezers, ready to make a meal when the week drew to a close.

After the third woodland scavenge for ingredients, Kat announced that they had enough and now she needed to go to the shops, Kevin offered to take her, Gabriel and Balthazar opting to come along for protection. Once there, Kat picked up preserving sugar, cooking apples, flour, shortening, and all manner of other things, like cloves and cinnamon. Paying for it all, they returned to the bunker.

There, she set to work, organising the Angels and humans into teams to work with her, some chopping and mincing the wild fruits for a woodland jelly, some washing the herbs and vegetables to be made into other dishes, still others to peel, core and chop the cooking apples and pick over the blackberries while she made her special pastry for the pie crusts. Soon, the whole bunker was filled with the aroma of baking and boiling fruits and pastries.

Once the pies were out of the oven to cool and the fruit had been set to strain ready for making into the jelly, Kat started again with the fillets of beef she’d purchased fresh while they were out, carefully removing all the fat before grinding it and shaping the resultant mince into patties that were then plated and put in the fridge. She started then on making bread rolls, from scratch, just like her mother did when she was in a temper.

With the bread rolls baking in the oven, she retrieved the patties from the fridge and started to grill them, so they were practically fat free, and almost melted in the mouth. It was then that the doors banged open and Dean burst in, Sam and Lucifer at his heels, Michael and Adam bringing up the rear. Kat, a relieved smile on her face, went to meet them, greeting them with hugs (the Archangels too), and questioning Adam about how he felt. Then she ran back to the kitchen.

Wandering in behind her, the newly returned group stood, eyes widening, at the sight of the domesticated Angels before them, and all the foods spread around the surfaces and table. Beckoning them in, she handed Adam a plate, and told him to help himself, before setting each of the others to try eating something too. Cas complained it tasted of molecules, so Kat took his hand, and said to try again.

When he then grinned and kept happily eating, she pointed out that just a ‘touch of humanity’ would help them enjoy human things more. That’s when ALL the Angels took a hold on a nearby human to try for themselves. Once everyone had empty plates, Kat called over to Dean, asking if what she’d heard of his love of pie was true. Nodding emphatically, Dean was almost goggle eyed when three were produced from the refrigerator and divided into slices.

Each person was asked if they wanted some, and given their choice of flavour between Apple and clove, apple and blackberry, and home-made lemon meringue. Ice cream or cream was served with it. By the time everyone had finished eating, there was almost nothing left. Coffee was served and conversation turned to where the Archangels and Hunters had been, though knowing looks were spreading given Adam’s presence there.

Days raced by, each one more hectic than the last, until, one day, Kat heard the unmistakeable sounds of a massive argument, male voices raised in disagreement. Disliking conflict, she went to investigate. Finding the row in progress, she discovered Sam and Dean, full on defensive against a very worked up Adam, who was yelling at them about leaving him in the cage for so long.

Dean lost his cool and snapped back that the only reason he was back, despite Sam and his best efforts, was because the Apostle had forced the Archangels hands by threatening to not do her part in upcoming events if they counted even one human as ‘collateral damage’, and gave them a week to get him back, healed and whole.

Adam, his face a picture of disbelief, stated that if that was the case. Then he’d stick with her, come what may. Dean was gob-smacked, devastated that his brother would choose a stranger over family but Sam wasn’t so shocked, after all, why wouldn’t he go with a pretty young lady rather than his two near stranger brothers that hadn’t managed to save him when it counted?

Kat stepped into the room, her face flaming red, her head down, chin on her chest, not meeting anyone’s eyes. ”Adam, you can’t abandon your family like that. Family is important, you know that. Do you think I’d be this far from home if I had a choice? I HAVE to be here, you don’t, you can stay with your family and not play the part of global hobo anymore. You don’t need to be involved in Heavenly affairs anymore, you’re free.

Adam stepped up to her, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder, his voice dropping an octave, soothing, calming, and persuasive. ”Kat, did you ever stop to think that maybe I WANT to be near you? That I feel my place to be beside you? You’re giving up so much, more than any of the rest of us ever had to, and all for you don’t know what. Maybe I feel you need a friend at your side, and that I want to be that friend. Trust me Kat, this isn’t pity, nor gratitude, its friendship, loyalty and trust. Brotherly love. Let me be there for you, like you are for everyone else.”

With an embarrassed smile, and a shy glance at his brothers, Kat reached up and plopped a friendly peck on Adam’s cheek before escaping the room, and the bunker. Once outside, she was faced again by Crowley, this time he wore ear plugs and gagged her before she could start on the exorcism, again the Angels appeared, blades drawn in readiness to defend her. Crowley grinned as a dozen of his best demons appeared to defend him and help carry off the Apostle. It looked grim for the young lady.

That’s when Dean and Sam, taking note of the commotion from the Angels, burst onto the scene, Adam in their wake, crashing out of the doors and racing to the rescue. With the Angels, Archangels and Hunters all working together, it didn’t take long for the area to be cleared again, and for Adam to wrap his arms protectively around Kat’s shoulders. Leaning on his strength, Kat allowed herself to be escorted inside once more.


A few days later, something unusual happened which no-one could explain at first. That is, until Kat had a visit from a rather unusual Professor. Professor Charles Xavier didn’t LOOK all that impressive, bald and wheelchair bound, he arrived unexpected and unannounced one afternoon, two days after Kat had somehow fought off both Crowley and Alistair single handedly, coming out of it without a scratch, not even breathing hard.

Xavier, producing a card giving the address of a school ‘for the gifted’ in Westchester, New York, proclaimed Kat to be coming into her latent mutant abilities, and proved their existence by moving Sam’s laptop to Kat’s lap by telekinesis. He proceeded, with Angelic supervision, to read Kat’s mind, or tried to, finding that he could not absorb all of what she had taken in, only just enough to gain an understanding of what was happening to her.

Kat, throwing her head back and swearing loudly, demanded exasperatedly what else was going to happen. Giving a brief sketch of what he’d read in her mind, the Professor filled them in on what he could. Kat groaned in dismay while Adam grinned.

Over the next few days, Kat discovered more abilities, some she had fun with – like when she morphed into Cas, morphing Adam into Dean and making out in the library in front of everyone ELSE, leaving the real Dean and Cas bewildered by the questions and insinuations that were thrown their way, and the way she made Sam, by mind control, dye his hair pink – others she didn’t like near as much – electrocuting Lucifer when he’d startled her, or turning ‘baby’ neon orange when Dean did an emergency stop in her to mention but two.

As she got accustomed to her new skills, so she and Adam came into their own as pranksters, engaging in a prank war with Gabriel, to the consternation of everyone else. It all began with relatively small things, like Gabe ‘disappearing’ Kat’s favourite plaid shirt, and Kat turning Gabe’s candy into carrots, but, inevitably, it escalated into bigger and better / worse things.

When Kat came back from a hunt with the boys to find not one, not two, not three, but thirty Eowyn’s in her room, she knew the time had come to pull out all the stops and bring this prank war to its conclusion. With a little coercion (i.e. “You’d be a good son, reminding everyone of the real story of Christmas’) Kat got Michael to turn the library of the bunker into a stable, with Kat as Mary, Kevin as Joseph, finding a real baby for the role of the baby and Jo and Ellen as the shepherds. Dean, Sam and Adam played the kings and the Angels were themselves. The scene lasted for the full twelve days. Gabriel called Uncle.
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stuff about me...
  1. I am 11 days post op.
  2. I have almost all my Christmas gifts bought and wrapped - for a change.
  3. I have a daughter that is a raving Xmas psycho this year.
  4. I am currently 15 chapters of who knows how many of a multi-crossover fic for Kat.
  5. I had to buy a new computer - my other being fucked by a friend and a brother.
  1. Do you have any questions?
I think I do.
  1. ...Hobbies?
Many, mostly writing, sewing, baking and playing with the rabbits and dwarf hamsters I got for my birthday.
  1. ... ...what do you think about philosophy?
It's a deep subject.


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Five things about me :

1. I really like Supernatural - Sam is THE best.
2. I am currently listening to a Christmas playlist on Spotify - I'm mishaleckisway.
3. I got two baby male rabbits (Castiel and Gabriel) and two dwarf female hamsters (Bobby and Jo) for my birthday in September.
4. I also received a variety of candies and toiletries. 
5. I made pickle and mincemeat for Christmas last month, between hospital trips.


Questions for you :

1. Suggest 3 bands you think I won't have heard and three songs by each so I have some new music to listen to :D (Big Grin)(Isn't a question but oh well)

Kiss my ass.

2. If I was an animal, what would I be ? (Based on what you know about me)

A kooky kitten.

3. Who are your favourite band members and which bands are they from ?

Mikey Way, formerly MCR, and a select few others.

4. Have you seen the video for 'Weighted.' By Frnkiero andthe Cellabration ? (If not I suggest you do, it's hilariously disturbing XD)

Niet, mein datter.

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Far too many to list, and unwilling to leave any out and insult them doing so.


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My Questions:-

1) What is your favorite time of year?

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